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2nd Seminary Appreciation Dinners

The Second Seminary Appreciation Dinners were held on last Thursday, Friday and Sunday. A heartfelt word of thanks to all who worked so hard to make this beautiful event a great success!

2nd Seminary Appreciation Dinners

Dear brothers and sisters,

On this Memorial Day, which is also the Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we prayed for our fallen soldiers, and we prayed also for you, our benefactors, especially for all those who attended our Seminary Appreciation Dinners over the weekend. Your presence was a clear sign of your love for our seminary and an indelible investment into the formation of our priests.

A special word of thanks to all who participated in the raffles and a word of congratulations to the winners of the prizes, including the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the trip to Florida and the dinners in the seminary.

If anyone was not prepared to make a contribution and would like to do so, please visit the seminary website

With renewed gratitude for your generosity and an assurance of our continued prayers for you and for your loved ones, I remain

Sincerely in Christ,

Very. Rev. Antonio F. Medeiros

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